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Building a Business: A Complicated Recipe

This is the second website I’ve built. Thanks for visiting. The first website was built with a site-builder software, and as often happens, that software was put out to pasture. I had a company provide the next, but what’s the satisfaction in that?

So here we are, WordPress. I tried a few different themes, and I settled on this one for now and it will change with time. The recipe is new to me. Like the rest of the business, a work in progress. When you start with a little money and a little knowledge, only a little, it’s a long climb up. You need to not stop, keep eyes and hands on all controls, everything you’re juggling, and keep working it. Time and money.

Doing things without a lot of money means doing them with more time, and patience. So here we are. A Chef writing his first blog post about how constructing a website is like building a business, which itself has been like constructing an ever more complicated menu with many recipes that use grown and borrowed ingredients.

So enjoy, reach out with comments, suggestions, criticism, and I’ll keep revising it all, as time goes on!

I must say as well, thank you for your patience!



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